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Group of senior friends taking a photo / senior cooperative living

A Guide to Cooperative Living : Definitions & Advantages


Cooperative living at its simplest is joint ownership over the community you live in. Every person living in the community is a part of the larger corporation of shareholders that owns the community, allowing for holistic self-governance where the well-being of community members is prioritized. In this post, we're diving into the benefits of senior cooperative living

Close Community 

All cooperative living necessitates a high amount of communication. When everyone is an owner of the community, built into the system is the philosophical truth that every person's voice matters. At Estoria, we strive to make good communication a well-loved garden, tended daily by seasoned experts in successful co-ops. Self-governance is a team effort.

Utilizes Your Skills

A good cooperative carries the capacity to meet the individual's financial, physical, and social needs. In co-op living, everyone brings something to the table and the cooperative thrives on harvesting the wealth of knowledge contained within its members.

For Your Season of Life

While co-ops can come for any walk of life, our focus on senior cooperative living allows for a laser focus that results in the consistent ability to fulfill the needs of community members. We're all trying to live successful lives, but what we need at each stage of our lives is going to be a little bit different. Cooperative living offers the opportunity for deep roots in connection with people and a place that matters to you.

A Worthwhile Investment

Joining a co-op affords you many of the benefits of homeownership without the burden of going it alone. It leans into the notion that we really are better together and offers up not only shared spaces but shared responsibilities. It's an investment in your wellbeing not just physically, but socially and financially as well.

If you'd like to learn more about life at Estoria Cooperatives, please contact us! We would love to answer any questions you may have and tell you more about the benefits of senior cooperative living.


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