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The housing market is increasingly on the rise. If you have been considering downsizing your home, now is a great time for reasons that go beyond a good seller’s market. Simplifying your life with a lower-maintenance home can be a freeing sensation, particularly if you are 62+. And choosing the right home in the right community is an important next step.

Ebenezer Management Services reinvented living options for those 62+ by creating senior living cooperatives in 1977. Today, Ebenezer is the largest managing agent of housing cooperatives in Minnesota and is launching a new brand of cooperatives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area: Meet Ebeneezer Estoria. Members of these dynamic communities own a share or divided interest in the coop. These active living 62+ co-ops offer a slew of advantages over traditional senior communities. Here are some exciting new things to look forward to as you imagine your new you.

New Freedoms

Ebenezer Estoria member-owners enjoy all the traditional benefits of homeownership, including growing equity and tax benefits, without drawbacks like home maintenance, yardwork, or surprise expenses. This means you have the freedom to spend your time any way you want to. Imagine having more time to devote to your favorite hobbies or to pick up new ones. Want to spend a month abroad? Just pack your bags and walk out the door. We will handle your home maintenance while you are gone. You are completely free to enjoy the active, independent lifestyle you have worked so hard for.

New Home

Your elegantly designed single-story home won’t just be new to you, it will literally be brand new. Estoria Cooperatives works with top architects and development partners to create innovative, thoughtfully designed living spaces. You’ll experience carefree living that is simple, secure, and enjoyable, with every feature designed to meet the needs of those 62+. Choose from a collection of quality home finishes or popular upgrade options. We’ll work with you to make your home uniquely your own. Enjoy fine finishes in your gourmet kitchen, plus other prime features like walk-in closets, private patios, and large, energy-efficient windows. Downsizing does not mean compromising at Ebenezer Estoria.

New Social Opportunities

Member-owners also benefit from the built-in social opportunities inherent to the cooperative lifestyle. Members are all of a similar age, often at similar places in their lives, and the community layout, shared amenity spaces, and committee-planned activities help create blossoming friendships that can last a lifetime. You’ll love being in your golden years surrounded by like-minded peers, living and working together to create a home and community worth celebrating.

New Lifestyle

Estoria provides the unique lifestyle you’re looking for, with tremendous opportunities to enjoy your best life surrounded by friends and family. From amazing common areas and resort-style amenities to cozy gathering spaces like our patio seating area, fire pits, and grilling stations, there’s always a place to find community. Appreciate having beautifully landscaped gardens, walking paths, pickleball, outdoor game areas, and green space for social gatherings.

Learn more about the advantages of living in an Ebenezer Estoria Cooperative community on our website.

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