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Imagine a fresh start and discover a new vision with ownership in Estoria Cooperative Lakeville, a cooperative living community for adults 62 and over in Lakeville, Minnesota. So, what exactly is a cooperative? Cooperative members are a group of people doing life together in a way that makes it easier for individuals and the community to thrive. Member-owned, and governed by a member-elected board of directors, Estoria Cooperative Lakeville gives everyone a voice in the community’s direction.

Owning here looks a bit different than buying a townhome or renting your place. Member-owners purchase a cooperative share with predetermined equity that grows in value over time. A monthly fee — which has tax benefits — covers things like interior and exterior maintenance and replacement of standard appliances, plus a portion of the master mortgage, property taxes, and TV and internet services. What does it all mean for you? Picture the financial benefits of home ownership without the hassle of upkeep.

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Cooperative living offers far more than a place to live. At Estoria Cooperative Lakeville, you can live your days the way you want, with a comfortable home, a sound financial investment, and a vibrant lifestyle. By freeing you up from maintenance, cooperative living makes it easy to pick up and go. Whether you’re visiting loved ones nearby, traveling the world, or playing pickleball in your own backyard, your days are your own. Surrounded by friendly faces, you’ll plug into a connected community with endless opportunities for playing, creating, and building friendships. Simplify your life, so you can maximize your lifestyle.

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Are you ready for a new adventure? Now is the best time to make your move. As one of the first to join Estoria Cooperative Lakeville, you will have the ability to personalize your home to your liking. Choose from a variety of quality standard and upgraded finish options to create a home that's truly your own. Live your best life at Estoria Lakeville.

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